Do you even know what gluten is?

‘It’s like something in cereals and stuff’

After years of health bloggers going on about how much better it is for your health if you cut gluten out of your diet, a professor has published a book which, to the joy of coeliacs everywhere, says gluten might be worse for us than we think.

Professor David Sanders, a consultant gastroenterologist at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield, concludes in his book ‘Gluten Attack: Why Gluten Is Waging War On Our Health And What To Do About It?’, that more people may suffer from gluten sensitivity than first predicted, and cutting gluten out may not be such a health fad after all. But do you even know what gluten is?

Tanya, 24, fashion design

P4054049“Intolerance to wheat?”

Jack, 20, student

P4054043“Don’t you find it in bread? I know you get bloated.”

Ali, 19, student

P4054045“All I know is it makes you tired.”

Hannah, 17, apprentice

P4054034“I know it’s in flour. I tried going gluten-free and it’s really hard.”

Emily, 21, student

P4054039“I don’t know. Isn’t it man-made?”

Rose, 21, student

P4054041“I know it’s not natural for us to digest it, that’s all I know.”

Connor, 22, PR

P4054047“I don’t know, that’s the truth.”

Juliette, 19, student

P4054051“It’s like something in cereals and stuff.”

James, 30, insurance broker

P4054065“I know nothing about it, everyone in London seems to be allergic to it.”

Jeanie, 19, student

P4054054“I’m not sure, I know people put gluten in stuff?”

Will, 22, student

P4054055“It’s like cereals and wheat.”

Jess, 22, student

P4054058“Bread and pasta.”

Jack, 19, Tesco

P4054059“I work in Tesco and I still have no clue. All I know is that there are special breads.”