Street style: Istanbul

London’s got nothing on their chic

London is having a stab at spring, but in Istanbul, the softer season has arrived properly. Though the locals don’t think it’s as hot as I do, they’re already rocking the spring style. Today I visited the shopping district of the Asian side, right by the sea, to ask locals about their style.

The robe coat

She slays with the Vuitton

She slays with the Vuitton.

Neslihan was my favourite out of the bunch. We clicked instantly – we had matching Stans. She said that the most important trends of the season were sneakers (obviously) and the robe coat – it’s not as high maintenance as a thick winter coat, but still keeps you warm on chilly spring evenings.

White trainers

Dem shiny Supergas tho.

Dem shiny Supergas tho.

Sinem went for monochrome simplicity. She believes that the most important trend is wearing signature and stylish sneakers to complete the look. Totally agreed.

Long coats

The coat is just perf.

The coat is just perf.

I was drawn to Sena when I spotted the pom-pom on her backpack, but she claims the most important piece of the season is the long coat.


They were the cutest bunch ever.

They were the cutest bunch ever.

Cem   in the denim jacket  believes that the most important trend is wearing colourful and patterned statement socks. Cagla thinks anything 80s will do.


Oh hai there

Oh hai there!

This one’s men. My spring advice would be to wear statement sunglasses and anything khaki. And tote it all around in a small backpack.