London is going to be as hot as Barcelona this weekend

Oi oi

April has turned, so all conversations until September will lead – ultimately – to the weather. This happens more quickly when a weekend is approaching.

Good news: London is going to be 18C on Sunday, which will make it the same temperature as Barcelona and warmer than Madrid. Obviously, the weather is an opportunity for international competition. Saturday is going to be lush too, at 14c.

18C definitely means cider in the park, barbecues, and an opportunity to wear the massive sunglasses you got on ASOS in November.

London Fields in the sun

London Fields in the sun

“Warmed air will become widespread on Sunday and a lot of us will notice a slightly warmer feel, slightly muggier,” said Met Office forecaster Craig Snell. “It will be the first widespread warm spell we have seen this year.”

Ignoring “muggier”, that all sounds pretty sweet.