I’m addicted to ASOS

I’ve already spent £650 this year

Everyone loves ASOS, but some people take it to a new level.

Laura FitzPatrick spends over an hour on the site per day, and gets at least one delivery every week. In total she’s spent £650 this year, which constitutes most of her student loan. She’ll regularly spend less on food in order to buy more clothes.

“This week I’ve been having really basic dinners and bringing in my own lunch because I got a big order in a few days ago. I went on just to buy some Cheap Monday jeans, but obviously I ended up getting jewellery and underwear too. I always get sucked in like that.”

After checking the news in the morning she’ll look at the ASOS “new in” section: “I’ll always price it low to high as well. I have a never-ending list of saved items.

“When my order arrives I get that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you’ve achieved something,” she says. “Like when you get a good exam result. I do it as a treat for myself: if I’ve had a long day or as a reward.”

She buys everything on there: clothes, shoes, jewellery, make-up and presents for friends.

Her favourite brands include Motel, Cheap Monday, Monki and Benefit for makeup. “I don’t even buy stuff directly from brands anymore, I just get them on Asos instead.”


She hates offline shopping. “It’s just too overwhelming, I can’t handle it. It takes too long and there’s not enough stuff in stock. But ASOS has all the brands I’d want, and I can get it sent to my house within 24 hours. It’s just really easy.”

She bought ASOS Premium membership in 2013, which all of her friends use: “It probably encouraged me to spend even more though, but it’s the best thing ever. Also, if I want to return something they’ll come straight to my door, as I would never be bothered to go back into a shop to give something back.”

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She mainly buys tops, makeup or anything metallic: “I have my regular things I go for, but sometimes I’ll just see something I like and buy it. And don’t get me started on the sales. I’ll get an email when there are any discounts, and I’ll buy stuff I’d never have considered when they were full price.

“I’m actually going to have to stop buying so much for a while as I’ve spent pretty much all of my loan on ASOS. I know it seems ridiculous, but that’s what I chose to spend my money on and I’ve got a pretty good collection from it.”