In defence of wearing loads of make-up

I don’t care if you prefer the natural look

I wear a lot of makeup.

The full works – primer, foundation, concealing, baking, contouring, eyeshadow, eyeliner, highlighting and finally the setting spray. Every morning, I spend about an hour putting it on. I’ve spent easily over £5,000 on makeup, and have a unit full of it. I’ve been wearing makeup since I was 14, albeit a lot less back then, and I’m very good at applying it.

But I know that people judge me for it. Some girls scoff, asking me how I can be bothered to go to so much effort every morning. But it’s mostly guys: I get sneers about being “fake”, and comments that I’m wearing too much, that it’s over the top and “unattractive”. A few weeks ago, Google Facts tweeted that “men prefer women without make-up.” Guess what Google? I don’t care.

I don’t wear make-up for men. I don’t rationalise it – I just know that I enjoy it. I’m not doing it because I lack confidence – I have plenty of that.

A typical day's makeup

A typical day’s makeup

It doesn’t mean I’m insecure

I would gladly go anywhere without make-up: I’m completely fine with the way I look. It’s just that I prefer wearing make-up. I go bare-faced when I need to – when I’m hungover for example. But please do not assume make-up is some kind of shield women pull up as they’re insecure.

You get respect from other girls

Honestly, there’s no better way to make my night than to come up to me and compliment my make-up. Sure, the occasional compliment from a guy about “looking nice” is always good, but girls telling me my brows are on fleek or that they’re jealous of my contouring boosts my confidence far more. If a girl compliments something specific about your make-up then you know could bond over your mutual love of Anastasia Beverly Hills. If I had to say I wear it for anyone else, it’s for those girls. For the guys? Come on.

This took me over an hour and I enjoyed every minute of it

You think I have all three Naked palettes to impress someone who can’t tell Half Baked from Chopper?

It’s actually quite therapeutic

When I have something to do that day, I genuinely enjoy getting up that hour earlier than everyone else just so I have enough time to do my make-up. It’s actually really relaxing. Making myself a cup of coffee and listening to Beyonce whilst doing my eyebrows is relaxing. Getting up 15 minutes before leaving and throwing on some mascara and foundation sounds unpleasant.

You can take really good selfies

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. iPhone cameras aren’t flattering, and getting a good bare-faced selfie requires time, patience, the right angles, good lighting, and a suitable filter. Get your make-up right and it takes 0 effort to look hot.

I'm fleeky and I know it

I’m fleeky and I know it

It’s a real skill

If someone’s eyeliner is sharp or their smokey eye is out of this world then appreciate it. This takes skill. Not everyone can do it, so when they can, then they deserve to be complimentedI remember one night I’d really perfected a cut crease for the first time and I’d gone the whole hog for that night and got eyelash extensions, tanned, the works, and I bumped into a guy I used to speak to (used to being the operative words there.) He said to me: “what the hell have you done to your face, you look like a tranny.” I guess he wasn’t the one for me after all.

I woke up like dis (a tranny apparently)

I woke up like dis (a tranny apparently)

Buying new products is the perfect way to treat myself

I have spent thousands on make-up. From my point of view it’s worth it: it makes me happy seeing a new package from Beauty Bay arrive at my door, and I am excited to try out all the new products and see what looks I can create. I sometimes even do reviews/tutorials on new products, and that also makes me happy.

Happy happy happy

Happy happy happy

It makes me feel confident

Yeah, I do feel confident when my make-up is perfect. But I’ve got plenty of confidence without it.

People are stupid if they think you’re ‘lying to them’

There have been so many pictures, comments and memes recently saying people have “trust issues” with girls who look different without make-up. But really, it’s not deceiving you unless you’re actually stupid enough to believe we were born with glittery copper eyelids and lined lips. They’re lying to themselves, really.