People really do go ‘drunk shopping’ on Friday nights

And yeah, they’re buying underwear

On some Saturdays, you wake with the vague, uneasy feeling that you’ve made a mistake. You bought something, didn’t you?

According to fashion site Lyst, women buy more heels, dresses and lingerie at 2am on a Friday night than on any other day. The site reports that it gets 48 per cent more orders on a Friday night compared to a Monday evening, and sales were 320 per cent higher on a Friday night compared to a Monday.

After a night out spending money, some people come back and spend more money. Any time after 1am is a serious danger zone. Lyst says that orders made after midnight on a Friday were 30 per cent more valuable than anything bought on Monday nights. After 1am this goes up to 40 per cent.

Sales of shoes doubled, and customers buy more expensive pairs of them. The average amount spent on shoes is 165 per cent higher on a Friday night than on a Monday evening.

But whatever, it’s a lark. If this is you, then keep doing you. Just make sure you check your email for receipts in the morning.