Brick Lane’s best dressed

The 90s are happening again

In the heart of Shoreditch lies Brick Lane; popular not just for its curries, but for vintage markets and being the heart of East London style. These are its best dressed people.

Jess Ruck, 26, creative for a retail brand 

P3293933 P3293934

Jess was on her way to work, wearing a slouchy, navy coat and a grey roll-neck with black pleated trousers. Her shoes and bag chime nicely with each other, though she describes her style as “lazy – I just put whatever I can find on”.

Georgia Daniels, 22, actress


Georgia’s oversized sheepskin jacket plays well with her red checked scarf and skinny jeans. She describes her style as “weird and a bit different”.

Luis Mendoza, 29, Creative Partnerships Manager



We spotted Luis carrying armfuls of bananas, which we held for his photos as they were not part of his outfit. He wears tailored trousers and a fitted shirt, and describes his style as about “clean lines and plain colours”.

Sarah Stollery, 24, MA student


Sarah was wrapped up warm in a black coat, a white jumper peeking out from underneath, vintage wash jeans and retro-style trainers.

Camilla Ramirez, 35, fashion designer


Camilla’s pink kilt is reminiscent of Cher from Clueless. She describes her own style as “kind of 90s and relaxed”.

John-Paul Weppler, 23, MA student


John-Paul concluded his style is “waterproof”. Cool. He’s sporting a waterproof jacket and sunglasses, and is suitably prepared for all weather conditions.

Eglantine Sicat, 26, interior designer


P3293950 Eglantine wears lots of neutrals colours and black, but explains that it’s “because I’m French”.

Joel Adebayo, 28, works in fashion

P3293954 P3293955

Joel’s outfit is shades of grey, from head to toe. His ripped jeans offset his brightly coloured trainers, which are blue like the tinge to his glasses. How coherent. He works in fashion and he knows what he’s doing. He describes his style as “loud”.

Harriet Gregory, 30, fashion stylist


Harriet was rushing back to work wearing a black coat layered over a deep green, long waistcoat. She has a “no fuss” attitude to dressing, with a style that’s all about “clean tailoring and minimalism”.

Thomas Wynne, 24, student


Thomas wears “whatever’s going”, and today that was a chunky knit, a black coat and a beanie, with grey skinny jeans.

Elin Blomkvist, 33, dance teacher 


Elin described her style as “comfy”, which is exactly how she looks leaning up against this storefront. Her oversized coat and khaki cigarette trousers, paired with her trainers, are part of her “everyday”, casual style.

Tim Lyndon 24, illustrator P3293972

Tim’s loose jacket and black sweatshirt are casual everyday pieces, but the loose, black trousers and white trainers add something – he describes his look as a “mix of 60s mod and 80s Japanese”.

Ornella Bosco, 19, waitress


Ornella is wearing a long kilt, and braving bare legs. Hopefully her roll-neck is keeping her warm though. Her lace ups are worn with green socks, which match her skirt. She told us” “I don’t have any particular style, I just dress the way I want to.”

Sophia Saetta, 27, events managerP3293969

Sophia told us her outfit today was “just out of bed”, but ordinarily she dresses casually, taking inspiration from the 90s.

Elliot Campbell, 25, hairdresser


His style is “English, or Manchester” in his words.