We asked a stylist if you should actually wear socks in summer

Don’t act like you haven’t been wondering

It’s something you’ve always asked yourself on hot days, yet never quite known the answer to: should I wear socks?

According to stylist Will Barnes, you shouldn’t shun socks when the sun comes knocking: “Socks seem to have garnered a bit of a bad rep where summer is concerned, but it’s totally unfounded.

“Socks and shorts are a strong combo – the real issue is man’s struggle to execute them to affect. After all if a man shot himself in the head, you wouldn’t blame the gun, would you?”


With that in mind, we asked Will to help settle the age old question – how should a man wear socks in spring and summer?

Don’t wear socks with boat shoes

Will is not keen. “In my opinion, you shouldn’t do it – but rules are made to be broken and that’s what style is about.

“If you’re confident in it you should have the courage of your conviction. Your choice of sock probably isn’t going to bring forth the apocalypse (but you never know).”

Boat shoes

Don’t be afraid to show a bit of ankle

Barnes thinks the mankle trend isn’t dying down any time soon. “Modern trousering rules dictate it’s become practically compulsory to show a bit of ankle with a summer trouser, especially if you’re going for a smart/casual chino-ed look.

“If you’re looking for a point of reference then you won’t go far wrong with America’s Ivy League styles: a sans-sock penny loafer is a classic.”

Stick to light colours

“I’m a huge advocate of a classic white sport sock,” Will says: “but I only wear trainers when I wear shorts and they’re a perfect combo.”

Instead, maybe experiment for a pastel shade: “Spring is always a great excuse to get a bit of colour in your get-up though, so if you’re rocking jeans or chinos then a bright hue is a must.

“If you’re wearing something in more adventurous tones though, you should probably keep your socks a bit simpler – unless you’re going for a ‘kids’ TV presenter’ vibe.”


Avoid trainer socks at all costs

“Trainer socks need to be outlawed for crimes against feet and sins of design.

“Not only can you always see them poking out the top of the trainer (defeating their purpose), they’re impractical and constantly slipping down and nestling uncomfortably around the toes.”

Socks and sandals aren’t as bad as you think

It’s not as mad as you think: “Socks and slides have been a huge trend over the past few summers and I don’t think it’s quite ready to go away just yet.

“I’ve even seen people rocking socks and Birkenstocks and making it look good, so there’s definitely a place for this look. It’s probably one for the more confident dresser though.”


Don’t sweat it

If you do decide to go sockless, don’t let your feet (or your friends) suffer. “Sweaty feet are just the price you have to pay for style. It’s important to keep both your feet and shoes fumigated using an anti-odour or appropriate spray during the warmer months.”