They came up with a new way to smuggle booze into festivals and clubs

It’s definitely pitched at girls

A hipflask is the sort of thing you get for Secret Santa, from someone who doesn’t know you very well. And it is an entirely redundant object. It typically holds less alcohol than one of those 33cl bottles of voddy or gin, but, conversely, is not small enough to conceal in plain sight. It’s really obvious when you’ve strapped it to your upper thigh.

If you are trying to smuggle alcohol, you might as well just buy one of those small bottles of voddy or gin and bury it inside a scarf, inside your tote bag. Or buy a bigger one and decant its contents into a water bottle, which actually works more often than you’d think.

Or, you could hollow out some tampons and pour your alcohol in there.

A brand called “Smuggle Your Booze” has launched a packet of fake tampon flasks: small test tubes that are trussed up in frilly pink packaging like your average tampon. Each one can hold a shot of booze – so we’re still talking relatively small measures here, though few bouncers will dissect your tampons, so you are an unlikely to be caught out. For now.

smuggle your booze

“WOMEN – you know you gotta have it!” twitters the website’s listing. “The tampon shot holder will never be questioned at your venue.”

A pack of five “tampons” is £12.95, presumably because the company is American and they haven’t scrapped the tampon tax yet.