How Irish are you?

Happy Paddy’s Day

St Patrick’s Day. Green, Guinness, parades, leprechauns – is that it? I think that’s all the stereotypes out of the way. The ones your mate (whose great auntie lived in Ireland for five years in the 1940s) wheels out on March 17th.

“What do you want to drink Oscar? Same as usual yeah?”

“A Guinness for me please mate.”

“Oh right, I thought you said last week you only ever wanted to drink John Smith’s for the rest of your liver’s good health.”

“No, no. Guinness is always what I prefer to drink, it just doesn’t travel that well. Any further than County Clare really. My great aunt lived out that way, right on the line of where it gets too frothy.”

Well, Oscar, let’s see how Irish you really are.