The male contraceptive pill is coming: Would you take it?

We asked the men of London

For years we have been asking for more forms of male contraception: specifically something better than condoms or “I’ll pull out”.

Notably, there have been plenty of calls for a male pill. And US doctor Dr. Grund Georg and his team of American researchers have been working on one – this week, they announced that it might be ready to test in about six months.

We asked some guys whether they would take it.

George Zhuravlov, 24, chef

“Yes, if the option were available, why not? The only thing is I would need to know more about it what kind of effect it has on your hormones. If enough research were done, I would.

“I’ve had this discussion with my girlfriend. If I could do it I would – it’s always the girls responsibility and it shouldn’t be.”

John, 21, chef

“Yeah, I don’t see why not? It can’t be a bad idea. It doesn’t really change condoms. It’s a bit more of hassle, having a condom versus going out and getting a pill. It’s just going to be a longer process. Going to the doctor’s and going to the shop.”

Tom, 27, electrician

“Yeah, I would take it, it doesn’t bother me. I suppose it helps with gender equality, and I’d be happy to take it every day. But it does just need more research. You’ve got to look out for yourself.”

Jason, 23, waiter

“Yeah, I’d take it – if it prevents you from having kids then that’s what you want. If your girlfriend is going to take it then why can’t you?”

James, 21, student

“Yeah, if women take it why shouldn’t men? I wouldn’t mind the responsibility, it’d be easy to do everyday and outweighs the negatives.”

Tom, 33, technician

“Depends on what it does really. There’s probably not enough research into the whole field of it. I’ve always lived with girls and they’ve never liked taking the pill, so if I could do it I would. Though I say that – if it started messing with my body I would definitely stop.”

Harold, 26, designer

“I don’t know because it’s new. I would like to try it out, and also because it’s better than [using] condoms. I think it makes it easier on a girl. But I would maybe wait for some scientific reviews about it.”

Alexander, 21, student

“No, it’s bad for my health. I’d still expect a girl to take hers though. It’s a bit unfair, but I know I would never take it.”

Connor, 26, poker player

“It’s not really my vibe. I feel that if you’re going to use contraceptive you should use a condom or something like that as opposed to taking a tablet that’s going to tamper with your natural system. It’s the same with women. I think if we’re going to have sex we should use a condom. If not we should take other action.”

Alex, 28, university student 

“No, because I don’t like it. I think it’d mess with my hormones.”

Alijah, 22, tourist from Melbourne

“Yeah. I’d still use other forms of protection but just for safety. I don’t like the idea of having a baby without having a choice. I think it takes some of the pressure off the girl, too. If it were all proven [to be fine] I’d take it.”

Michael, 22, retail assistant

“Yeah [if] I’d read everything I could beforehand, I’d take it. But the ladies’ one is safe – so yeah, I’d take it. I’d be responsible enough to take it every day. I don’t see it as a problem. I’d use it as well as condoms.”

Ash, 21, college student

“It depends on the situation. If I were in a relationship and I wasn’t going to have kids and stuff I would take it. I wouldn’t like taking it everyday, and I’d probably rather use a condom.”

Bruno, 31, recruitment consultant

“Yeah I would. I don’t even know why it lies on one side of the equation. I think it has to be on both sides. Why does the responsibility just fall to a lass? Once there is empirical research and we know enough about the matter, [then yes].”

Matt, 21, tourist from New York

“Yes, if it were proven to be safe I would take it. I wouldn’t be a test subject for it, [but] if it was placed on the market I’d take it. Would I use a condom as well? Depends on whether I were in a relationship or not.”

Gabriel, 22, bartender

“No, because I don’t want to take something that changes my body. Nowadays it’s quite normal for a woman to take it. A lot of women don’t want to have a baby, they want to have a career. It’s different from the past. I don’t want children but I’d take other precautions.”

Mickey, 24, cashier

“I would, yes. It’s just something extra to use as a preventative measure. It takes the pressure off girls to do it. I don’t see why there’s so much pressure on girls to [take] it anyway. They should have invented a male pill by now.

“It’s just taking a tablet everyday – once you’re in the routine of it it should be easy. I mean girls do it everyday, why couldn’t boys? Depending on how safe it is I might also use a condom – it’s just extra safe.”

Harry, 20, student

“Yeah, I probably would. Taking it every day doesn’t worry me. I’m not that scared about hormone changes. I probably wouldn’t also use a condom. It depends how long you’ve been with the girl.”

Carwin, 19, student

“Yeah. Men should definitely take some of the responsibility.  It definitely helps for gender equality. We’re trying to get as close to equality as we can, so why not?”