Can you still pass GCSE Maths?

I did way worse

In this afternoon’s Budget, the Chancellor George Osborne announced that all students studying in England might have to study Maths until they’re 18. This basically means he wants to mandate Maths A Level.

Imagine! Especially as many of us probably ditched Maths as soon as we could – at GCSE level. Indeed, I am fond of observing – loudly, repeatedly, until someone asks me about it – that I didn’t even do GCSE Maths. Because I went to school in Scotland, so I did Standard Grade instead.

Could you pass it now? Check.

I got a B/C. I actually got a 1 at Standard Grade. That was an A, OK? I’M FINE.

I’d like to work out the rate at which my skills are sliding, but I can’t do Maths any more.

Showing your working means nothing in this quiz

I got really stuck on question two, which I ended up getting wrong. Other notable stumbling blocks included questions 8 and 9; and facing down algebra filled me with the same hot, breathy panic as it did in around 2005, when I last did so.