You need to watch this video of Danny Dyer transforming into a gawjus bird

Danny in drag > Danny in anything else

You thought that Danny Dyer’s transformation from supermarket DVD clearance bin punchline to national treasure couldn’t get anymore moving. But you were wrong.

Danny Dyer is a man, and in addition to being a man, he is also hard. Danny Dyer is a hard man. You have seen Danny Dyer on film posters holding a pistol, wearing a leather jacket, east London rain moistening his brow. You have seen Danny Dyer smash up the Queen Vic on Christmas Day in a display of manliness so virile that it probably made some watching women pregnant. Yeah, Danny Dyer is man alright.

Which is why the video below is so beautiful and so important. It’s Lucy Rose’s new video for “Nebraska” and Danny plays a drag queen. Just watch it you slaaaaaaags:

Dyer told The Independent: “I was honoured to be asked by the maestro that is Lucy Rose to be part of her video. When I got the treatment through I was overwhelmed. I think it’s such a moving piece of work. I’m beyond proud to be part of it, I’ve always believed that people should be who they wanna be, regardless of race or gender. Freedom of expression is so important – I really hope that this video gets the recognition it deserves.”

And look at these shoes. These are the shoes of an East End pub landlord.