Justin Bieber has taken it too far with his tour merchandise

He’s gone full Urban Outfitters

Today is the day. No, sorry. Today is the day. In Seattle they’ll look back and say, that was the day that Justin Bieber’s Purpose world tour began. They’ll puff out their cheeks and shake their heads when they say that, such is the historic import of it all. After all, for months now Justin Bieber’s music, and his redemption, has been one of the biggest stories in the world.

Then they’ll ask another question -Justin, hun, did you take it too far with your tour merchandise?

Just have a look at this stuff:

All images via Universal Music Group

All images via Universal Music Group


Just in case you didn’t know he’s sorry, he’s had it printed on a t-shirt


Bold, bold denim


What is the part of me that wants to cop that camo jacket and why won’t it shut up?

The merch is a massive departure from what we’ve seen from Bieber in the past. It’s post-industrial, urban, apocalyptic. He’s come along way from that purple hoodie hasn’t he?

“We wanted to obviously continue to communicate to JB’s core fan base, but also appeal to his new followers,” a source close to the singer’s camp told Complex. “We wanted to make something they would wear and stuff [Justin] would wear, too. We believe JB’s story of redemption and purpose is bigger than what’s happening currently in culture, and we wanted to create something that would complement his message.”

That’s just a long-winded way of saying Bieber’s marketing people are well aware that his audience has changed:

Justin’s merch will be available at PURPOSETOURMERCH.COM and at the shows.