Bernie just pulled off ‘one of the biggest shockers in presidential primary history’

Michigan was a Hillary cert

The news came at just after half eleven this evening, Eastern Time: the Associated Press was calling Michigan for Bernie.

This was not supposed to happen. Not only because the Associated Press doesn’t call close election results before the networks, but because Bernie Sanders was not supposed to have a prayer in the Michigan primary.

The fabled election oracle Nate Silver, whose book The Signal and The Noise helps bankers  sound like they know about politics at dinner parties, rated Hillary’s chances of winning Michigan as a near certainty – 99 per cent.


When the one per cent dog came through and Bernie took the primary, SIlver’s blog reported the news in astonishment.

In what might be one of the greatest shockers in presidential primary history, The Associated Press has called Michigan for Sanders. Most of the polls were not close, and any thought that Sanders would exit this race in the foreseeable future has been put to rest by a stunning victory.

We wrote last week that Bernie needed young voters to turn out in historic numbers to give him a chance in this race. The exit poll tonight says he won a thumping 81 per cent of 18-29s.

Hillary won the night’s other primary in Mississippi handily, meaning that she increases her lead in delegates. But the shock Michigan result suggests Bernie can win in the delegate-rich midwest, and that makes the Democratic race interesting again.

Update: The documentary maker Michael Moore is really happy about it.

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