Jeremy Corbyn really, really rates Eastenders

He uses Phil Mitchell as a moral compass

When he’s not calling the death of Osama Bin Laden a tragedy, or being laughed at by his own MPs, or touring east Germany on a motorbike with Dianne Abbott, Jeremy Corbyn is, umm, watching Eastenders.

Yeah, Eastenders. Jezza really, really rates Eastenders. He revealed his love of the long-running, ultra-bleak soap opera while he prepared for a TV recording on Monday night.

He told fellow panellists: “Just look at what Phil Mitchell does and then do the opposite.”

Being, as he is, an occasional crack addict and inveterate street brawler, Phil definitely isn’t much of a moral pin-up. Judging by the video below, Corbyn is right not to follow in Mitchell’s footsteps:

The Daily Mirror reports that although Jezza finds the show “miserable”, it is, for him, an ideal way to resolve dilemmas. He said: “I’m a fan and I’ve watched it for years but I usually watch it on catch-up, much to the annoyance of everyone else in the house.”