Could Frank Ocean’s new album finally be coming out?

We’ve been waiting half our lives for this

For years now, Frank Ocean’s long-awaited follow-up to 2012’s beautiful, brilliant channel ORANGE has been more difficult to pin down than a missing Malaysian airliner. His new album may finally be upon us however, after reports suggested he dropped new tracks at an exclusive VIP listening party in New York on Sunday.

Almost every snippet of music from the party that was posted online has been removed, giving credence to the idea that they’re genuine cuts from the album, which is believed to be called Boys Don’t Cry. All that remains online is this.


It was supposed to have been released last summer but instead, last year the reclusive Ocean cancelled his only festival appearance and went on a pretty strange tour with James Blake which largely involved the two of them standing on stage without doing anything.

Last year Adele had this to say about Ocean’s stretching of the concept of the difficult second album to breaking point:

“I’m just fucking waiting for Frank fucking Ocean to come out with his album. It’s taking so fucking long.”

 Too right, Adele.