Snapchat sent Kylie Jenner a present to say thanks for the videos and misspelt the word ‘Snapchat’

Bet they’re bumming out

I will admit it: I am obsessed with Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat stories. When I see the little ‘Kylizzlemynizzle’ circle pop up, I turn my phone’s sound on and get comfy, ready to watch 60-70 seconds of her lip syncing along to popular rap songs and parking one of her various cars. Recently, she’s also been making mini-films, which are basically just a gratuitous usage of all her famous friends and family, with a weak plot line and some excellent acting skills from Kourtney. 10/10.

Anyway, turns out it’s not just me! Kylie has amassed a whopping 10 million Snapchat followers (at the moment, I believe she is the only person in the world with this amount). So obviously, Snapchat wanted to thank her for bringing them so much shareable #content and new active users. So, what did they send her, I hear you ask? What exactly do you send a multi-millionaire teenager, who has her own $4million mansion, a Ferrari, a Bentley, and a Range Rover, personal security and a team on-hand wherever she goes, all at just 18? What do you give the girl who has literally everything?

It would appear the answer is: a misspelt note and a novelty ice cube tray.

Let’s delve into this PR shitshow a little deeper, shall we?



Firstly, look at the note they sent her. Look at it. The CEO of Snapchat, evidently excited that his app’s biggest user is Kylie Jenner, wanted to thank her for her patronage in a cute note. A handwritten note, on Snapchat-embossed paper. However, in word FIVE, he spells his own company’s name wrong. He wrote “Spapchat”, and instead of, you know, re-writing it, or typing it maybe, or getting literally anyone else to write it up, our mate Ben here goes over it to make the “P” look like an “N”. “No-one will notice,” he thinks. “No-one will notice when Kylie broadcasts this to her 10 million Snapchat friends and 53 million Instagram followers. Crushed it.”

Let’s delve a little further, into the message itself, because it seems like a robot may have written this. “Thanks for all your amazing content!” Yep: “Content”. How heartfelt. The exclamation marks, the wobbly smiley face at the end. The simple “Kylie”. The way ‘Ben’ is written at the end, huge and shameless, like the placard presented to you when awaiting a taxi driver at an airport. Perhaps this man has never had a real human interaction before.

But our friend Ben didn’t just send an endearing note. No, he sent her a whole Snapchat branded PR care package, full of all kind of shit he would have brought along to Dragon’s Den to give to a mortified Deborah Meaden when marketing the app idea. Let’s break the items down, one by one.


1x ‘Snapchat’ branded wayfarer style sunglasses

1x Kylizzlemynizzl embossed tote bag

1x ‘Snapchat’ branded Snapback

1x ghost keyring

1x ghost eraser

1x ghost pencil

1x ghost ice cube tray

1x ghost towel

1x mini key ring ghost etch-a-sketch

1x unintelligible ghost item, maybe a pillow or hand-puppet(?)


In the video, Kylie picks up the pillow/hand puppet and says, “Aw, thanks Snapchat. I’m going to sleep with these!” and half-laughs. This is the half-laughter of a woman tied into a contract. The half-laughter of a woman who hates her mum for making her sign a ten year deal with the Sugar Factory when she was 12. The half-laughter of a woman who just wants to use an app to document her daily nail salon appointments and green juices like the rest of us.

Every company in the world is desperate to get Kylie representing their merchandise. Did Ben not suppose that she might have received a promotional tote bag/towel set before? FFS, I’m nobody, and even I’ve received a tote-bag-and-towel set from a PR.

Anyway, it’s all a bit irrelevant, because sponsored or not, Kylie still posted the video of her opening the box on all of her social media platforms, and I, like a sucker, watched them all. In the process, Snapchat probably signed another few thousand people up, and Kylie’s sitting pretty with her box of promotional goods, richer than we’ll ever be. So yeah, listen up PR people, as Snapchat’s latest protégée would say, the real “key to success” is to send your most famous clients a swag bag channelling the one you got at a Freshers’ Fair, four years ago.