Virgin Australia just told Kanye West to ‘eat a d***’ on Twitter

The tweet has since been deleted

Whoever was running Virgin Australia’s Twitter account yesterday afternoon is not a big fan of Kanye West. Yeezy was calling out Pitchfork for giving his seventh studio album, The Life of Pablo, 9 out of 10. In one of his now ill-famed Twitter rants, Kanye said his album deserved a “30 out of 10”.

Virgin Australia replied to the tweet with “EAD you douche”.




Virgin Australia immediately took down the tweet but it had already been seen by plenty of the account’s 210,000 thousand followers. The airline denied it was involved in the tweet, issued an apology and insists that it is investigating the matter.

Kanye has made no formal reply to the tweet, instead choosing to point out how goddamn expensive textbooks are in American higher education.