Oxford University study finds women with bigger bums are smarter and healthier

They’re also better protected against chronic illness

Big ass does not mean dumbass.

A study by the University of Oxford finds that women with large arses are typically smarter and healthier. The research pulled data from 16,000 women and found that women with larger than average rear ends are more intelligent and also better inured against chronic illness. They have lower levels of cholesterol and glucose, and higher levels of Omega 3 fats.

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“The idea that body fat distribution is important to health has been known for some time,” comments lead researcher Konstantinos Manolopoulous. “However, it is only very recently that thigh fat and a large hip circumference have been shown to promote health; that lower body fat is protective by itself.”

Reportedly, they also have higher levels of dinopectina – a hormone that has anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic properties. The fatty adipose tissue present in large arses is also though to present cardiovascular disease.