The Basement just helped a lonely gap year student find a V-day match

Love is in the Airmax

A 19-year-old from Surrey has found love after turning to the streetwear group because he was left unsatisfied by dating sites like Tinder and Plenty of Fish.

Dan Sutton posted his impassioned plea for company on the soppiest day of the year to the 46,000 strong group and received a deluge of offers and support.

Dan turned to the Basement after losing faith in Tinder

Dan turned to the Basement after losing faith in Tinder

His post, which spelled out the benefits of dating him, has been liked over 3300 times with over 290 comments. The pitch for love included pros like “an extensive shoe collection” and and A level in photography.Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 12.47.42 PM

Offering references to back up his legitimacy, the part time chef promised to allow any potential matches to borrow his garms as long as they weren’t from “so far up North that I call you John Snow”.

He even got support from girls on Tinder

He even got support from girls on Tinder

Just a few hours later, after receiving support from the group, previously dubbed “the best place on the internet”,  Dan managed to bag himself a date in Central London and posted a picture of him on the train.

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 2.00.25 PM

Speaking to The Tab, Dan said he was fed up of Tinder. He said that there was: “Too many dead girls being stuck up listening to Drake and Skepta thinking they’re road.
“Plus too many dead girls who rate the magazine and zante and shit, just proper waste cadets.
which is a mad ting sad ting and plenty of fish is full of single mums, and that’s just not my thing.”

The chef from Farnham said that he immediately turned to the Basement because it’s ” A family you can chat shit with and everyone’s safe and supportive and eggs you on.”

Dan took the 49 minute train from Surrey to Waterloo to meet his mystery date, but still couldn’t quite believe his luck saying: “I’m still waiting at Waterloo to see if she’s a 40 year old bloke who’s gonna skin me.”