There’s a new app that works out what kind of dog you are

It uses artificial intelligence

The internet has sort of run out of new things, so now there’s an app by Microsoft that tells you what dog breed you most resemble. You want to hate it but you also really want to know, because it’s funny.

Download the Fetch app, or use it on desktop on theWhat-Dog website. Upload a photo, and it picks your spirit dog and explains how your personality fits to that breed. So Donald Trump is a Scottish Terrier, Kim Kardashian is a Poodle and Taylor Swift is a Chinese Crested (hairless little dog with a fringe).
trmp kmtayWe also tried it out. The site classified me as a Border Collie – a pretty standard dog – though paid me a few compliments in the bio: it praised my “great athleticism, intense stares and high intelligence”.


Though others were were dealt substandard dogs. The “imperial and pampered” Pekingese is not a big ticket dog.

On a side note: Microsoft made it to show off how good they’re getting at artificial intelligence. If you take a photo of a real dog, the app will actually guess the right breed.