Your social media game is making you seriously undateable, says science

Don’t get caught Facebook stalking

If your dating game is woeful, blame Instagram and Facebook. They’re making it worse.

According to psychology experts, online behaviour including ranting online and clinging onto naughty apps is messing up our dating lives. Experts have ruled on what we’re doing wrong.

Keeping Tinder 

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This is a big no-no. They have friends on Tinder too and they’ll find you. What does it say about your commitment if you’re swiping right on other people ten minutes after getting home from your date.

“If you have started dating someone, I advise that you delete your dating apps for a while and give yourself a chance to get to know the person in front of you. The less clutter on your phone the more healthy your brain and emotions will be to nurture yourself and your relationship,” says relationship expert and life coach Jo Barnett.


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Makes you look weird, needy, and like you don’t have anything better to do than share funny videos, tag mates in pictures,  and comment on ancient statuses to embarrass people. It signposts that you’re looking for ways to remind people you exist.

“If you want a relationship, you need to leave something to the imagination,” comments ‘dating guru’, James Preece. “So don’t tell the world every little secret thought you have.”

Doing too much research on the other person (stalking)

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It’s not cool that you already know when their birthday is, their mum’s name and who they went on holiday with last year. It’s best to find this out by talking to them.

Never going offline

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Obviously, looking at your phone on a date is a turn-off: it’s the 21st-century equivalent of taking a phone call at the dinner table. Barnett comments that Facebook’s addictive patterns can “ruin” relationships and advises removing the app from your phone altogether.

Taking too many photos

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According to the experts, happy people are the ones living life and not posting about it. “Repeatedly posting images of the ‘amazing’ life you have actually tells the world something is amiss aside from people associating you with them feeling insecure by comparison,” advises dating advisor Sam Owen.

Don’t post too many:

  • Drunk or party photos
  • No pictures with your ex
  • Keep photos with friends of the opposite sex to a minimum
  • No selfies

Complaining all the time

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Ranting about Scottish nationalism? Hating Donald Trump? Bashing Jeremy Corbyn? Experts say it’s “easy to vent on social media” – but do it too much and you’ll come across as a “negative whinger”.