People are using Fitbits to work out how many calories they burned during sex

It can burn as many as 280 calories an hour

The thing is: you haven’t got a lot of time. You must shave minutes where you find them; make time for one thing inside a slot allotted for another thing.

Which is why, presumably, a survey of 1000 of those who wear fitness bands found that 36 per cent of people leave their wearable fitness band on during sex, in order to calculate the calories they burned during the ‘session’. 1 in 10 have tried to extend this session to burn more calories, and 22 per cent of those who have worn a band had looked at the data afterwards.


It’s not new: last year a Reddit user noveltysin went viral after posting her heartrate graph to show how high it peaked during sex. The survey is the vanilla version of her hot take.

Men were more likely to measure their performance than women (40 per cent to 32), though 79 per cent of the people polled considered sex to be exercise.


Which it is. For those who are wringing their hands, and suggesting that this data signals that love is dead FOREVER, think on this: sex can burn almost 280 calories an hour, if you’re doing it right (or wrong). Multitasking is the remit of the modern man or woman: it is not cynical, but resourceful.

Have a shag, chew through some calories, and release the tension of your busy day.