Pete Doherty is still going, and he’s releasing another album this year

It’s expected to include a tribute to Amy Winehouse

Many wrote him off after he started pulling out of Libertines reunion gigs last year. Others wrote him off when he spent several stints in a Thai rehab clinic to battle his heroin addiction. But we are pleased to discover that Pete Doherty – now 36 – is not only still going strong, but planning to release a new album this year.

Exclaim report that the album’s working title is Flags Of The Old Regime and that a single will be released in the spring. It’s named after an Amy Winehouse tribute which he released last year, and all proceeds will go to the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

It will be his second solo album after he released Grace/Wastelands in 2009.

“She was never a massive fan of my songwriting,” Pete mused to the NME in an interview last year. “Or at least she never admitted to it. She was a bit of a harsh critic, but in a lot of ways we were kindred spirits, and all the boys loved her. She was quite inspirational as well, because while she was critical, that’s because she had very high standards.”