The weirdest things you’re giving up for Lent

ASOS, sex and one guy is even giving up his girlfriend

Our generation routinely forsakes things we like.

There’s Dry January, Stoptober, Veganuary and Lent, the original opportunity to give up your vices for 46 days (40 if you don’t count Sundays). Largely, we do it as a talking point, and because makes us seem more interesting to those around us; partly, we also love a challenge.

And partly, we like to give up stupid things and tweet about it. For the retweets.

Giving up sex is quite extreme, but some take things further.

That’s one way to get dumped right before Valentine’s Day.

Others have chosen an impossible path.

If you can’t think of one specific thing to give up, why not just abandon everything?

Even though Dry January was last month, some people are practically bursting to go without alcohol for another 46 days.

And some are embarking on the near impossible.

In other news, there’s absolutely no point going vegan unless you can talk about it, even for Lent.