This video shows how 200 new skyscrapers will alter London forever

It looks completely different

The face of booming inner London is changing. Monumental new structures of glass and steel will shatter any remaining notions of London as a “low-rise” city. 70 new tall buildings are already under construction, and there 200 more planned.

Supporters argue the change is the only way to deal with London’s housing crisis. Critics claim the new buildings will only serve the interests of ultra-wealthy foreign investors, who’ll ultimately leave the buildings empty. That’s certainly what happened with the Shard’s apartments. 

A new video shows how dramatic the change will be across the city:

Developers will build new skyscrapers in areas as far out as Croydon, Lewisham and Brent rather than just traditional high-rise centres like Canary Wharf and the City. And most will be high-end flats, rather than enormous office blocks.