Most men have sent a dick pic

Je ne regrette rien

Is sending or receiving a dick pic a rite of passage for any normal person with the slightest interest in sex? Is it normal? Or is it a bit weird?

Last week we asked some ordinary guys in London if they’d ever sent one.  Around half had, and those who had seemed pretty happy with themselves.

We also asked our readers if they’d ever sent one. Our official poll revealed a teeny tiny majority of men have sent a dick pic. It showed that 50.16 per cent of our male readers had sent a picture of their dick to someone else. Over 1,500 of you voted.

Joe is a man who has sent a dick pic

Joe is a man who has sent a dick pic

And 27-year-old Joe probably summed up the position of dick pic advocates best, when he told us: “Yeah, I sent dick pics when I was in a relationship. It makes sense in that context. Like, if you send a dick pic on Tinder straight away it’s just weird. I think in a relationship it’s a good way of showing compassion, especially when you’re apart or in different countries or whatever. I don’t think dick pics are in anyway expect nowadays though.”