Netflix has announced release dates for several big shows

House of Cards and Orange is the New Black are coming back

Netflix is a mixed bag: incisive original programming sits alongside early noughties, straight-to-DVD movies. Luckily, some of the former are returning for new seasons this year. The streaming service has announced the release date for several of its best-loved shows.

House of Cards: March 4 

The latest season of dark US political drama House of Cards will be released on March 4th after almost a year away. Netflix has released several stills and a trailer, showing an exhaust running in the garage with the words, “whatever it takes” suggests Underwood will be up to his old tricks in season four. Netflix has announced that the show will return for a fifth series in 2017, refuting the rumour the fourth series will be the last as the total number of episodes (52) would match the number of cards in a deck. When you’re onto a winner…

Better Call Saul: February 16 

Better Call Saul will return this month for a second series. The Breaking Bad prequel, set in 2002, follows small-time Albuquerque lawyer Saul Goodman. The spin-off series has proved popular with Breaking  Bad fans and is one of the most viewed shows on Netflix.

Orange Is The New Black: June 17

Arguably Netflix’s most successful original series, Orange Is The New Black, returns for a fourth season on June 17th. Netflix has also announced that it has commissioned seasons five, six and seven.

Narcos: August

Narcos has changed showrunners, delaying filming, and as a result, fans will have to wait longer than hoped for the show’s second season. Season two will have ten episodes and focuses on Escobar who is on the run from the DEA and Columbian authorities following his escape from prison. Currently, the season is set to air in August.