The Night Tube is coming this summer


They’ve really made us wait for this. The a 24-hour tube service was supposed to launch last September – but it didn’t. There was a rumour it would start in November, though that passed too. We’re still waiting.

There’s a new update: it could be introduced this summer. Yesterday, the Rail, Maritime and Transport Union (RMT), agreed a pay and conditions deal that would clear the way for a night service. Staff will get a 2 per cent pay rise in the first year and a £500 bonus.

The service will be rolled out on five lines (the Jubilee, Victoria, Central, Northern and Piccadilly) on Fridays and Saturdays.

This would mean you could delete your Uber and save money; on the other hand, you’ll never be able to use the excuse that you missed the last Tube and look beseechingly at your Tinder date.

Is it really going to happen though?

Probably, but be sceptical. The only way this is going to actually happen is if all the unions are happy, and that’s complicated. Currently the only union who aren’t playing ball are Unite – who represent most of the engineering staff. They want further talks and more money. The guys who represent the train drivers haven’t decided yet, but they said it’s “looking like they will also accept”. Nothing from the station staff union so far.

At the time of writing, the strikes this weekend are still going ahead. That dispute is over a different argument about job cuts.

The RMT are planning to vote on the night service on 11 February, at which point it should be decided. The BBC is calling is a “big step forward”. Best case scenario? Believe it when you see it.