We’ve all got hope: Prince Harry is dating a normal PR girl

Pick me Harry

Turns out Prince Harry doesn’t just have a thing for the granddaughters of Earls and South African estate owners after all. Apparently he’s now dating a PR girl from America – and she’s relatively normal. 22-year-old Juliette Labelle lives in LA, works for Dior and wears dungarees. Harry met her on a trip to America on New Year’s Eve and they’ve kept in touch since. Now they’re rumoured to be dating. A source told The Sun:

“The Prince enjoyed hanging out with Juliette. She’s very much his type and they hooked up.
Juliette is blonde, cool and well-connected. She’s also fun, confident and doesn’t mind showing off how sexy she is. And she has that boho free spirit he likes.”

When Harry met Juliette

When Harry met Juliette

We all thought Prince Harry only went for blonde girls who went to Leeds Uni, his exes Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas both went there anyway – but he’s been single since March. Juliette still has blonde hair, but she doesn’t seem to be the Prince’s usual type, who now appears to be dating someone almost 10 years younger than him.


This is Juliette