PETA have really gone in on Canada Goose

They’re saying the fur is bad for your health

It’s the season for scarves, gloves and warm jacket, which means a Canada Goose if you’re willing to spend £600-£800 on a coat fit for the antarctic. But notorious Animal Charity PETA seem to disagree. In the past PETA have gone in on the fact that Canda Goose use real coyote fur and take feathers from ducks and geese. They also started a pledge not to wear Canada Goose jackets. Now they’re saying the fur potentially has carcinogenic chemicals, based on a German study which analysed the effect of various types of materials against the body. PETA told us:

“In addition to causing the suffering and deaths of the millions of animals who are trapped, gassed, poisoned, drowned or electrocuted every year for the cruel fur trade, the toxic cocktail of hazardous chemicals used in the production and processing of furs to stop them from decomposing poses a very real threat to the health of those who wear them.”

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Canada Goose is particularly popular in St Andrews, where people can both afford them and the weather nearly justifies the warmth of the jacket. Things kicked off back in November after dozens of the coats mysteriously went missing after one of their famous balls. Speaking last year on PETA’s allegations, a spokesperson for Canada Goose said:

“We understand PETA’s concerns and we respect the right of people to choose not to wear fur, however, we know PETA does not respect our ethical, responsible use of fur so further conversation won’t be productive. The trapping of fur-bearing animals is strictly regulated by the provincial and territorial wildlife departments in Canada. We purchase coyote furs from certified Canadian trappers, never from fur farms or endangered animals.”

Canada Goose has been contacted for further comment.