Meet the girl campaigning against unsolicited dick pics

Someone has finally said it

Lucy Baker has had enough of dick pics, so much so that she has written and recorded a song discouraging them.

The 22-year-old Saatchi creative’s video – “Don’t send girls pictures of your penis” – is an artistic attempt at putting the matter to bed once and for all. The video amassed around 100,000 views on Facebook, and she has even been interviewed on BBC Radio 5 live about the “epidemic of sexting”.

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Lucy told The Tab: “Quite a few of my friends have received dick pics, and so I asked them if they actually appreciated them in a sexual way. The resounding answer was no. I think it’s a massive miscommunication”.

Alongside inspiration from her friends, Lucy had a lot of help from her mum. She helped Lucy mostly with the grammar and a few rhymes: “She is my harshest critic, and a great connoisseur of the English language. She expertly rhymed ‘malice’ with ‘phallus’, one of my favourite lines.”

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Lucy and her mum, Meg

The song started out as a poem before developing into a song. Lucy did not consult any men before writing and recording the song, and said it was a “strictly a girls conversation”, although she played it to her dad before she released it and he “agreed it was a terrible thing for boys to do”.

She also gave her grandmother a preview of the song pre-release. “She takes a keen interest in my music. She bought me the keyboard I played it on and Dad told me I should tell her about the song. I didn’t want to as I thought she’d be shocked! But funnily enough she wasn’t shocked at all, which is almost more worrying.”

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She said: “I was hoping guerilla tactics with the boys might bring the message home more efficiently. I anticipate it will spawn plenty of interesting conversations, but in the least I hope it’s an education.”

During her interview on BBC Radio 5 live she was at one point asked if the dick pics she had received were “solicited”, and said that the song was “charming”. Lucy said: “They referred to a penis as ‘bits’ which I thought was quite hilarious. I didn’t know you could say the word penis on the BBC”.

Watch the video here: