How to tell if you’ve met your BFF

This is so us

Sure, you’ve got a lot of friends, but there are certain things that you’ll only do with one of them. She’s the one who you have the most fun with, share the most clothes with, know the most about and probably argue the most with too.

Maybe you only have one, maybe you’ve got twenty – but here’s how to tell that she’s you’re true BFF:

You’ll regularly get Facebook likes from her mum, dad, sister, grandma and second-cousin once removed

Every photo, status or comment you leave will quickly be approved by a like and comment from her entire family. “Looking lovely girls, Linda xxx.”

Half of your phone’s media library is of her

Drunk Snapchats, toilet selfies, screenshots, the really great meal you just ate – your first reaction is to send it to them. You’ll also own the ugliest pictures in the entire world of them.


You’ve got into a fight because you both liked the same guy

Remember James? James was fit, and he really got you. He had really nice eyes and made you feel like the only girl in the world. That was until you found out about him and Rachel, but you know she was always just his sidegal anyway.

Then you made up and promised to never do it again

James had weird shoes, anyway.


Lol remember when we hated each other

You sleep in each other’s beds

Even if they hate physical contact, you’ll regularly share a bed together. Maybe it’s because you fell asleep after watching a film in their room or you might even plan a sleepover when you live in the same house. They’ll expect you to crawl in after you’ve arrived home from your night out, or to jump in the next morning and fill you in on their whole night.

You know so much about the people she’s slept with it’s hard to look them in the eye

Who knew Paul from the gym was so filth?

You know their wardrobe by heart, and half of it is probably in yours

You’ll either have a specific outfit in mind of theirs, or you’ll raid their wardrobe before a night out and end up wearing the top they had on when you walked in. You can name every item of clothing they have, and you buy new clothes with them in mind.

You get really pissed off at her because she takes your clothes without asking

You go into her room, and there it is – your favorite skirt lying on the floor in a crumpled heap. “What a bitch”, you say to Amy on WhatsApp, before you run to your room to return the crop top of hers she didn’t know you wore last night.

Other people feel like they’re third wheeling when they’re with you

You’re so close it’s actually quite intimidating – always laughing at really niche in-jokes, constantly saying”remember when” and rinsing each other at every opportunity.


Remember that time

You plan to go out but stay in to make food and watch Netflix together instead

You really did want to go out when you planned it yesterday. All it takes is one of you to suggest you can’t be bothered, and next thing you’re ordering a takeaway and putting on Made In Chelsea.

You’re always sending each other pictures of food

“Omg we have to make this”, you’ll say as you tag her in that cake picture on Instagram, knowing it will never actually happen. But you tag her in them anyway, because you’re cute like that.

You find them hilarious even when their chat is average at best

Maybe it’s because you really get their humour, but you’re probably just laughing at them.

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We are so classic

When you see something funny, your first reaction is to take a screenshot and send it to them straight away

“This is so us haha x”

She’ll decide what nudes you should or shouldn’t send

You’ll get a few a week, some for approval and some just for fun. You’ll swap tips too – what’s the perfect lighting, is self timer too weird, how much face should be on show and what filter you should use.

There’s no point having doors in your house 

Even if you don’t live together, you’re an honorary housemate that can walk in unannounced. You’ve peed together too many times to count, and sometimes you just want someone to talk to when you’re showering, OK?


You know her phone passcode

4321 isn’t that hard to remember to be fair. You don’t even find it funny that her laptop password is girlslife23 anymore either.

She’s saved as something that’s not her own name in your phone book

There’s probably some emojis in there too.

You’ll call them when you’re walking somewhere but aren’t really listening

You call them to fill the boring gap when you’re walking somewhere, eating your dinner, getting ready for something or waiting for an appointment. They’re probably talking about something, but you don’t really care.


They will tell you if you look really shit or if you’re acting like a dick

You can always trust they’ll give you their honest opinion, even if it’s brutal. If you’re embarrassing yourself or taking things too far, they’ll tell you. You’ll make sure they approve your outfit before a night out, and send them photos of things before you buy them.

They’ll tell you when your eyeliner has smudged

Or when you’ve got food in your teeth, a bogey in your nose or when you need a shower because you’ve got onion pits.

You can replicate her style of dancing

You’ll probably do it better than her too.


You both hate the same people, even if you don’t know why

Ugh, Tiffany is such a bitch right?

You know better than to watch an episode of your series without them

You’ve been watching it together for weeks, it’s what you talk about most of the time and she’s really funny about you only watching it together. And if you don’t, you’ll have to sit through it again with her pretending you’re all surprised.

She knows exactly when you need to drink more and when you’ve had enough, even when you don’t

And she’ll make sure you hear all about it the next morning.


Ffs Josie

They’ll tell you what photo to use as your profile picture

She’s always the first to like every picture you upload, commenting something like “stunner”, “love”, “THAT OUTFIT <3” or “slamming bod”. But you know it’s a keeper when she writes “prof pic hun”.

She won’t upload a group shot if you look really ugly in it

But she’ll screenshot and send you a personalized zoomed in version.

It’s fine to not talk to them for ages

You’re low maintenance enough to go without speaking for weeks, but it’s exactly the same once you’re together again.