The man who dressed as a terrorist on the tube was meant to be a solider

He claims he just got fancy dress a bit wrong

Yesterday we broke the news that a group of men got on the tube dressed as a suicide bomber, with the rest pretending to be policemen, panicking passengers who thought he was a terrorist. Now the man who was dressed in full camo with bags strapped to his chest and back has claimed he was actually supposed to be a solider.

Pedro Fonseca insists he was on the way to an army themed work fancy dress party in Covent Garden, clearly getting the brief very, very wrong. Pedro told the Mail Online:

“We were on the train having fun and I was dressed as a soldier and my mates were dressed as policemen. It wasn’t a fake bomb I was wearing around my chest, it was a small bag I was using to keep my wallet and phone in so I had easy access to them. I didn’t want to put them in the backpack, where I wouldn’t be able to see them or get to them easily.”

This doesn’t explain why his friends were dressed as policemen, wasn’t the party supposed to be army themed Pedro?

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 11.29.17

Pedro in his ‘solider’ costume

One passenger told us that his first reaction was to try and tackle the man he thought was a terrorist, but Pedro who works at Byron Burger didn’t seem to see any issue at all. He continued:

“Honestly, we didn’t have any problems at all. London is a big city so if there had been a problem, I’m sure that the police would have been on us straight away.  When we got to the venue everyone was dressed as soldiers and camouflage without a problem.”