Which universities are targeted by employers the most?

Oxford and Cambridge didn’t win this one

Manchester, Nottingham and Warwick are the unis being watched the most by employers. According to the High Fliers graduate report, it’s not Oxford are Cambridge which are in front – but other unis who usually just make it into the top 20 in other rankings. Lancaster and Loughborough also made it into the employability list, alongside big guns like Bristol, Durham and Leeds who usually appear in the rankings. The report claims the majority of top graduate employers are headhunting from 10 to 25 universities, and not just the traditional elite any more.

All of the Russell Group made it in there apart from Queen’s University Belfast. Meanwhile Scotland was represented by Edinburgh and Glasgow, but surprisingly St Andrews didn’t make it into the list.

A statement in the High Fliers report says:

“It is intriguing to compare this list with The Times & Sunday Times Good University Guide 2016, the latest league table of institutions compiled from a range of university data. Within these rankings, Cambridge and Oxford are in first and second place but Manchester and Nottingham, the two universities most-targeted by the leading employers, fail to even make the top twenty. And conversely, St Andrews and Surrey which are 4th and 8th respectively in the guide, do not appear in the employers’ top twenty-five universities.”

Elsewhere in the study, they found accounting, law and banking firms considered more universities than media or consulting, who kept their list to a minimal 15. Surprisingly only five per cent of employers made hires from 35 or more unis.