We asked young professionals their New Year’s resolutions

‘I’m trying out Spiritual Yoga’

With the festive season of good cheer and overconsumption giving way to puritanical January, most of us have set ourselves resolutions for the New Year. Often drunkenly made at the strike of twelve, the struggle with new regimens  begins after a few days. With this in mind we hit the streets around St. Paul’s seeing what people have resolved to do in the New Year and whether they’ve kept to it.

Anna, 18, Receptionist

Anna, 18, Receptionist

Are you doing a New Year’s Resolution?

Yeah, it’s my first time and I’m trying to lose weight.

How’s it going?

Not bad, going pretty well so far.

Do you think you’re going to keep it up?

I’m a really dedicated person so I’m quite confident that I can stick at it.

Emma, 23 & Ellie, 21 Operations Managers 

new res 5

Have you set yourself any Resolutions for the New Year?

Yeah, trying to keep my finances in order.

Why’s that?

Trying to save up for a trip to Miami.

Cool, reckon you’ll keep to it?

I really doubt it.

Allen, 31, Accounting 

Allan, 31, Accounting

Made any New Year’s Resolutions?



Jesus, I haven’t really thought about it.

Have you done them before?

I’ve tried to quit smoking and lose a bit of weight in the past but it’s never work.

Is anybody you know doing it?

A few of the girls in the office are trying something… stopping drinking… going to the gym.

Do you reckon they’ll keep it up?

Doubt it.

Ed, 20, Banking Intern 

new res 1

Any New Year’s Resolutions?

Yeah, I’m quitting chocolate.

Why you putting yourself through that?

Girlfriend wants me to…

Kinga, 29, Bar Manager

new res 2

What’s your Resolution for the New Year?

To never have hangovers.

How you going to do that?

Not quite sure yet, either I’m just not going to drink, which’ll be kinda boring or I’ll just stay permanently tipsy.

Kianu, 25, Personal Trainer 

Kianu, 25, Personal Trainer

Have you ever done a New Year’s Resolution?

My resolution is to see the people I train change and become the best they can be.

Do people stick to their Resolutions where you work?

In January loads of people buy gym membership and use it for a month or so.

So not that confident then?

Two months is better than nothing.

Any personal resolutions?

I’m trying to put on 10 kilos in 10 weeks.

Good luck.

John, 24 & Harriet, 25, Market Research 

new res 6

You guys doing a New Year’s Resolution?

Harriet – Yeah, I’m doing Dry January.

Do you reckon you’ll make it?

John – Doubt she will.

Why’s that?

Harriet – I’m meant to be meeting a guy for a drink on Thursday…

Freddy, 24, Crowdfunding 

new res 4

Made any Resolutions for 2016?

Yeah, me and my girlfriend are giving pottery a go.

How is it?

Not as sexy as Patrick Swayze makes it look.

Sarah, 24, Investment Banking

Sarah, 24, Investment Banking

Any New Years Resolution?



It’s strange, in Portugal people never do it for that long.

Have you ever done one?

People make them and then don’t take them seriously, so I’ve never really done them.

Rory, 24, Market Analyst 

new res 3

Hi, made any New year’s Resolutions?

It’s kinda weird.

Oh yeah?

I’m trying out Spiritual Yoga.


I know right.

Johnny & Marieke, 24, Digital Media Students 

Johnny & Marieke, 24, Digital Media Students

Have you guys set yourself a New Year’s Resolution?

Yeah, were doing a 30 day fit challenge, yoga is involved.

Anything else?

Basically starting with everything that is good and quitting everything thats bad, like smoking.

Does that include Dry January?


Being sober for a month

That’s a bit far, we just came from the pub.