White guys in your 20s, what do you think about being the most ridiculed group in Britain?

‘There are a lot of arseholes out there’

YouGov recently published a survey showing that white guys in their 20s are the most derided, or ridiculed, group in Britain.

The market research was based on British prejudices and asked members of the general public to score 48 different ethnic, age and gender groups on their likelihood to have ten stereotypical characteristics.

These ranged from being intelligent and honest to the likelihood of them taking drugs, sleeping around or getting drunk often.

In order to see what white men in their 20s thought of their results, we asked some people around London whether they felt derided and what they made of the survey.

Simon, 29


Do you feel derided? “No I don’t.

“There are a lot of arseholes out there.”

Will, 24


Do you feel derided? “No.

“I think it probably is fair. The problem is the huge category. Some [white guys] probably think they’re above it so can do what they want.”

Joe, 21


Do you feel derided? “Not really, but we probably should be.

“White guys are the fucking worst.”

Bradley, 22


Do you feel derided? “At uni I didn’t, but now sometimes but not a lot.

“But I think that we should.”

Danny, 20, Ollie, 18, and Harry, 21


Do you feel derided? All three said “No.”

Danny: “They shouldn’t be ridiculed any more than any other ethnicity.”

Harry: “Equality is key.”

Alistair, 20


Do you feel derided? “Not particularly.

“It’s probably the lager-lout stereotype, but I’m sure the terms of the survey skewed the results.

“Is there a problem with lad culture? I’m probably not the best to know.”

Alex, 27, and Krystal, 20


Do you feel derided?  Alex: “Can’t say I’ve had that.”

Krystal: (To Alex) “You’ve been white boy drunk!”

A: “Obviously I’ve been there.”

K: “It’s ‘cos their peers influence them to be that way. It’s all about lad points. Agreed?”

A: “Yes.”

Tom, 24


Do you feel derided? “No, it’s probably quite apt.

“Those poor white chaps in their twenties.”