How men should be wearing glitter this Christmas

How much is too much?

December parties are filled with all things sparkly – girls in sequin dresses, metallic skirts sparkly eye shadow – but what can boys do? Is it ok to wear an ugly Christmas jumper? If you’re going for glitter, how much is too much? What’s the difference between looking like you’re at festival or at a Christmas party?

Wearing glitter isn’t easy if you’re a boy, but here’s the best ways to pull it off.

The glitter beard 


Here’s one you’ve seen everywhere recently. Sure, it’s not very practical but you’ll look wavey af. Slather your beard in wax or Vaseline and chuck some glitter onto your facial hair. Make sure you go for a bright colour (gold, silver, green) anything too subtle and it will look greasy. Avoid red at all costs, unless you intend to look you’ve got shaving rash.

The glitter contour 


The key to success with glitter is to use it to accentuate your features. Slather a pale glitter on your upper cheekbone to highlight it, or make like Kim K and create your own cheekbones with glitter. To make your face extra chiseled, go for a darker colour. Avoid red though, it will end up look more budget Halloween than festive.

Glitter abs


Better if you actually have abs. What better way is there to show off your hot bod than slathering it in glitter? Outline the lines where your sick-pack is, or would be. Go for a lighter colour first then blend a darker colour to make it three dimensional. Wear alone or let it peek out of a jacket or waistcoat that accentuates your nudity.

Glitter lips


Feeling fabulous? Paint glitter over your lips to make them look extra juicy. The trick with this one is to go OTT with a bold colour, so it doesn’t get mistaken for lipgloss. Before applying, remember they key ingredient to glitter lips – concealer. Put it as a base beneath to make sure the colour really shows up.  Use a thin brush so it’s defined, too smudgy and it will be a distaster. Not great for discreet Christmas party hook-ups.

The glitter scrunchie 


Perfect for the glitter-phobe who still wants to look like they’ve made an effort. Just as fun as the glitter jacket, but more subtle. The longer the hair the better. Lather on some hair wax or dry shampoo so it stays in place, then pull it into a top knot or have little bits poking out the top. Spray some glitter on the hair for extra Christmas spirit.

The gradient glitter 


If you’re going to go all-out with glitter, make sure you do it properly. Too little and you’ll look like you wear this shit everyday, but too much and you’ll look like you’ve tripped into a glitter bucket. Too neat and it’ll look really try hard, too messy and you’ll look like it’s left over from last night.

Do it right, and it’ll accentuate your features and show everyone how creative and vibesy you are. The best way to do this is to keep it bold but simple. Stick to the right side of the face, and follow the glitter around the outside of your eyebrow in a “C” shape.

Use two similar pale colours (brighter ones wont look as good) and blend them together. Start with a thin layer and build up. Finish off with a few gems – one at the corner of the eye and the others outlining the eyebrow.

The ironic glitter garment 


More masculine than the face glitter, this one screams “look how fun I am”, without having to pick sparkles off your skin for a week. Go for something removable like a jacket or jumper, and wait for the girls to come flocking in to try it on.

And here’s what you’ll look like: