I found my doppelgänger online

Sara and Shannon look like twins, but aren’t related

Sara Nordstrom, 17, is from Sweden and Shannon Lonergan, 21, is from Ireland – but they are almost identical.

After meeting online, they both flew to Dublin to meet and found out they had a lot more in common than they first thought.

Sara and Shannon found each other on a lookalike group, and now their parents even get them confused.

Sara said: “It’s weird but fun. It’s strange thinking there’s someone else who looks exactly like me.

“When I met her it was just like seeing an older version of myself. We have pretty similar noses and eye shape and we even have the same small ears.”

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 16.57.42

Sara (left) and Shannon (right) look almost identical

Sara, who is still at school, flew over to Dublin to meet her doppelganger, and found the whole experience to be quite strange.

“It felt a bit surreal when we finally met, we really do look alike. It was amazing.

“It’s one of the weirdest but coolest things I’ve done. Shannon’s Dad thought we could both be his daughters which was kind of crazy. He was definitely a little freaked out.”

“Shannon studies the things I want to study when I’m older, and we’re both obsessed with make­up.

“We still talk on Facebook and I hope we keep in touch.”


Sara when she’s not with her lookalike

The girls met through a twin finding website which connects people with their lookalikes.

Shannon, who is 21 and from Ireland, said: “I suppose trying to find someone who looks like you is a slightly weird thing to do, but it’s something I’ve always been curious about. I’m still in shock that we actually met.

“Trying to describe the moment you meet a stranger who looks almost exactly like you is very hard. All I can say it was very surreal and almost dreamlike.”

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Sara (left) and Shannon (right)

The Business and Management student is from County Kerry, but flew to Dublin to meet her lookalike Sara.

She said: “A weird sense of happiness took over when I realised I had actually met my doppelgänger. I could not stop smiling.

“I think everyone dreams about meeting their twin, and I actually met mine.”

“When my dad first saw myself and Sara he did not know where to look. He kept looking at her than me and looked so confused.

“His facial expressions were hilarious and showed how shocked he was. He honestly needed a moment to see who was who.”