Girls and their horses: A photoshoot

‘I can’t imagine life without him’

There’s just something about girls who ride horses. There was always one when you were kids and although she might be older, nothing has changed.

Perhaps it’s her scruffy hair, perhaps it’s all the leather, or maybe it’s just knowing how to ride. Either way, what might have seemed odd in secondary school is now something we are all a little bit jealous of.

Issi, 20, student at Oxford Brookes

Horse’s name: Malin Harry

“I’ve always been around horses from an early age, riding on the front of my godmothers polo ponies before I was walking. I’ve never really considered life without them.

“Competing nationally has given me the chance to make incredible friends and honestly, you get used to being called the horse freak.”

Shannon, 21, Reading student


Horse’s name: Beano

“I never expected to be a horsey person, but what started as a part time job turned into a full blown obsession.

“I couldn’t live without Beano, he has taught me so much and I couldn’t imagine being without him.”

Frances, 20 student at Lancaster


Horse’s name: Thomas

“My fluffy pony, Thomas, has been my rock for seven years now.

“My best memory of him was probably taking him to the beach for the first time after finishing my A levels. He loved the sea.”

Mel, 21, works for Deloitte Switzerland


Horse’s name: Tequila

“I’ve ridden my whole life. I got Tequila when she was three and I was 12 and we grew up together.

“I’m lucky that my mum rides too so I didn’t have to sell her when I left home. I can’t wait to go back at Christmas and go out riding again, especially now I live in a city.”

Steph (right), 21, Liverpool grad


Horse’s name: Blue

“I started riding when I was four and got Blue when I was 13, it broke my heart when I had to sell him before I moved to uni but he lives in a field down the road from me so I drive past him every day on my way to work.

“I absolutely adore riding and I’m so happy I’ve got family with horses for me to pinch at the weekend now I don’t have my own. Nothing better than a gallop along the beach!”

Kat, 20, Durham student

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Horses’s names: Jedward (grey) and Netty (brown – officially Hendre Marionette)

“Netty is the love of my life – we’ve been through some tough times (like when she reared up and fell on me, breaking my coccyx and nose) but I’ve never loved anything more. I miss her considerably more than I miss my family while I’m away.

“Jedward is my new toy, he’s only a baby (he’s five) and he’s a big chap- 16.2 at the moment, I think!”

“‘I ripped my Barbour climbing over a gate, but I can’t face being without it for the week it’ll take to be fixed, so I’ll just have to be forever scruffy.”

Lucy, 21, UCLan student

Horse’s name: Doogle

“Well he’s called Doogle after The Magic Roundabout dog.

“I’ll have a think of a fact but at the moment all I can think of is that he likes a brew and a sausage butty.”

Darcy, 19, student at Bristol


Horse’s name: Hopscotch

“Hopscotch is a little new forest who is the cutest thing ever. He tries really hard and has massive ears. He’s hard not to fall in love with.”