I won £9,000 off a 10p bet on Cheltenham horse races

He’s going to have a mad Christmas

Lewis Sindle turned a 10p bet into £9,000 after correctly  predicting the winners of six races.

The 19-year-old had just got home for his Christmas holidays and went to the betting shop with his granddad to watch Cheltenham races last weekend.

Now he plans to spend some of the £9,000 over Christmas, book a few holidays and buy his mum a better present than usual.

Birmingham second year Lewis told The Tab: “I was sat in the bookies and I knew how much I’d win with whichever horses were placed and as soon I saw which ones had I just went into shock.

“When I got up I was shaking so I had to ask for a glass of water. I couldn’t believe it, it was absolutely unreal.”


Lewis and his winning bet slip

Human Biology second year Lewis was with his granddad at a betting shop at his home near Peterborough when correctly predicted the winners of six races through an accumulator.

He said: “There was no one in the bookies except for my granddad and me. He went up to the counter and said he couldn’t believe it, I was really the only one left and I’d won a lot of money.

“The ladies behind the counter were saying that it was so cute and it had never happened in their shop before.”

Lewis’ family actually thought he was joking at first when he revealed he’d won the £9,000 prize.

He said: “When I got home my mum was upstairs hoovering and said she would only come down if I had something important to tell her. My dad even had a tear in his eye.

“My girlfriend actually thought I was joking when I told her.”


Lewis plans to spend the money on Christmas presents and holidays next year

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Lewis’ betting slip

The Peterborough United fan admitted he usually buys chocolates or candles for his mum, but wants to get her something much bigger for Christmas this year.

He added: “I’ve never been on holiday without my family so I’ll be looking to buy a holiday with my girlfriend too. Paris or New York – I think she’ll like that.”

Before this, Lewis’ biggest win was £78 on a snooker accumulator from a £1 bet, but this time he’s won £9,000.

Explaining how he won the amount Lewis said: “The whole bet was actually £32.40. It was 648 lines at 5P. I had two horses placed in one race so it came to 10P winning the pool which paid £91,774 to £1 stake – but I had it at 10p.”