What to wear on Christmas Day

Do I have to change out of my pjs?

You’re going to stuff yourself silly with turkey, down wine by the bucket load and then pig out in front of Downton Abbey, probably with some Ferrero Rocher (it is Christmas, after all).

If it’s a nice day you might venture out of the house for a Christmas walk while mum desperately tries to baste the turkey, but with so many activities largely revolving around food, it can be difficult to choose an appropriate outfit.

It’s supposed to be the one day of the year you can really dress up. There’s no such thing as too much sparkle, nothing too dressy, but can you really be arsed making all that effort when you’re inevitably going to get a food baby?

Keep your pjs on until you’ve opened all your presents

Treat yourself to your nice pjs

Treat yourself to your nice pjs

Christmas morning is meant for two things: presents, and pyjamas. You’ll most likely have some new ones from Santa, so it’s totally legit to change out of your old ones and into your new, even softer and cosier ones.

The only photos taken will be by your mum, who’s most likely to upload them to Facebook in some really cringe post. Unless you have her on Facebook you probably don’t have to worry, but you might want to pop on some BB cream and a flick of mascara just in case she catches you off guard.

Kate Bunyan, Finders International Ltd director, told The Tab: “BB Creams are a perfect skin pick me up for the festive period and ideal for Christmas day for that subtle dewy, fresh and hydrated glow. I suggest the Dead Sea Spa Magik BB cream suitable for all skin types, dermatologist tested and promotes a truly flawless complexion. You can now get long-lasting, picture perfect skin in a few minutes.”

Look chic on the family walk with fur

A fur coat adds instant glam

A fur coat adds instant glam

The annual stroll up your nearest hill (which inevitably ends up in the pub anyway) can be difficult, especially as December weather is so unpredictable. But even though a white Christmas isn’t looking likely, that’s no excuse not to nail winter chic.

Pair Uggs with jeans and a jumper, and throw on a fur trimmed coat for added warmth and glamour. Those from Surrey can whack out the Hunters and Barbour with a fur stole.

Wear something stretchy to stuff your face with pigs in blankets 

Christmas hats obligatory

Christmas hats obligatory

Ravenous from your walk, there probably won’t be much time to change – and not much point either. There will be a Christmas dinner photo so it’s not acceptable to put your pjs back on just yet, but be wary slipping into your sparkly Christmas midi – that food baby isn’t going to do you any favours, and no one needs to be guilt tripped about pigging out on Christmas Day.

Stretchy jeans or leggings are your best friend at Christmas dinner, and can easily be dressed up with a top and nice make-up. Vlogger Nicky Lazou said: “Whatever your tradition on Christmas Day it’s always nice to pick a very festive outfit. If you are staying in or going out, a little glitz and glam is always a good plan. You can match a pair of jeans with a sparkly top and team this with picture perfect hair. Vintage waves like Rosie Huntington or a knitted dress with a bouncy blow dry like Rita Ora are ideal.”

The annual family photo is the time to bring out your Christmas outfit

One big happy family

One big happy family

When your mum has stopped getting emotional over a sherry about how nice it is to have the whole family together, she’ll want (yet another) photo to mark the occasion. But unlike the Christmas morning snaps, this photo is going to go EVERYWHERE. Facebook, that rogue Instagram she’s made, family album, posted to every relative and framed on the mantlepiece for when guests come over. This – if nothing else on Christmas Day – is worthy of looking good for.

Go all out with glitter, sparkles and jewellery. Put a nice dress on – you definitely need to step it up from what you wore at Christmas dinner. Add some instant glam with a statement lippy, as bespoke make-up artist Tracie Giles recommends: “Keep make up fresh and glowing on Christmas day. It’s all about looking glamorous but not ‘caked on’. Keeps eyes delicate – choose a subtle, neutral eyeshadow – teamed with a classic festive red lip and a slick of mascara.”

Leave this on for when the neighbours pop round and you inevitably get pissed

The novelty glasses will come out and Uncle Jamie will be passed out on the sofa

The novelty glasses will come out and Uncle Jamie will be passed out on the sofa

Guaranteed they’ll turn up when you’re just about to crash and want nothing more than to slob in your onesie, but they’ve brought a bottle of wine along so it’s all good. Impress them with your glam fab dress and they’ll put in a good word for their son Kevin, who’s very hometown fit but probably worth a snog on New Year’s Eve. If you really can’t hack the bodycon anymore, swap back into your jeans and a nice top and top up your lipstick.

As the mulled wine flows and the novelty earrings come out, you won’t really care what you look like anymore, but still, at least you made an effort.

Onesie is the only option for when you’re watching Downton Abbey



Chocolates in one hand, wine in the other, the only outfit suitable for the slob fest you’re about to endure is your onesie. It’s easy, warm and so snug you’ll probably just fall asleep.

Merry Christmas.