A Leeds third year is going to get an identical chest tattoo to Conor McGregor

Because of a bet he made on Facebook

Lennon Simpson is going to get a copy of Conor McGregor’s gorilla chest tattoo on his own chest.

The Leeds Beckett third year said on Facebook he would get the exact same tattoo if McGregor knocked out Jose Aldo in under one round.

13 seconds later and Lennon is now in search of a willing tattoo artist to replicate the design for him, as well as raise some money for charity.

NATtattoo1The third year, studying Computing, already has a tattoo of a woman on his chest but will use his new piece to cover it up.

Lennon posted his wager onto Facebook group The Basement, but after McGregor knocked out his opponent in just 13 seconds, he felt like he was left with no other choice than to get the ink work done.



He said: “I want something good to come of my stupidity.

“I’m a man of my word, I’ll go through with the bet – it got something stupid like 2,100 likes and you can’t hide from that many people for that long.

“Me and a few friends stayed up and watched every fight, from the prelims to the main card.

“McGregor is my favourite fighter, he got me into the sport, I used to follow it a little before because of my friends but McGregor sparked my interest.

“It’s his charisma, he’s a showman and backs everything he says up – if he says first round knockout, it’s a first round knockout.”

McGregor and his tattoos

McGregor and his tattoos

Originally Lennon intended to appeal to The Basement’s 34,692 strong member base to fund the tattoo, but the group’s rules prevent crowd funding attempts.

As a result Lennon is going to appeal for donations and direct the proceeds toward a charity, likely a children’s hospice.

He is now looking for a tattoo artist who will do the work for him for free, allowing him to raise more money for charity.


The tattoo stake wasn’t Lennon’s only wager of the night: “I had another bet on Saturday too, decent odds, but that was on Weidman too [who lost] so the bet was lost.

“I got one of my mates to bet on Aldo too so even if McGregor lost he would have something to be happy about.

“I have worse tattoos, a grenade with an eyeball inside it on my leg – noting tops that in terms of badness, I have some stupid tattoos, a bunch of dumb tattoos, so this is a step up from it.

“I’ve got one one arm a wolf’s head, a woman on my chest, two pieces on my other arm, the grenade with the eyeball, a zombie’s hand, a monkey and gorilla in the style of Cheech and Chong on the back of my thighs, a sword and a lighthouse.

“I’ll happily get a tattoo if it makes some money for a good cause, especially around Christmas.

“If it gets some awareness and raises some money for charity over Christmas then fuck it, why not.

“I presume some snakes from the Ladbible will pick this up eventually – and they never give credit too.”

McGregor and his tattoo