How much sex should you be having in your twenties?

‘More than your mates’

Just in case you wanted to compare yourself with strangers, we asked some Londoners how much sex people should be having in their twenties.

From different partners to number of times in a week, people on the street put our minds at ease once again.

Emily, 21PC113008

“As much as you want as long as it’s safe and you’re conscious.

“Trust yourself and the person.”

Philip, 25PC113010

“Once a week is standard.”

Naniela, 22PC113011

“With my boyfriend? Every time I see him!”

Yolanda, 34PC113013

“As much as possible.”

Julia, 26PC113014

“As much as you feel.

“If I could, every day – but six or seven times a week would be good.”

Kris, 22PC113015

“At least once a week.

“Two times would be proper.”

Zoe (left), 21PC113016

“As much as you want, but not everyday because it’ll get too much.

“Maybe once every four days.”

Marvin, 26PC113017

“Whenever’s necessary.”

James, 22PC113018

“Whatever you feel is right – as long as it’s more than your mates.”

Christian, 22PC113020

“It depends if that sex is still enjoyable. If you’re ever bored during sex, you shouldn’t be having it.

“If it’s begun to hurt, enjoyment levels usually go down.”

Ellis, 23PC113021

“At least three times a week.”