I hired the same Lamborghini Justin Bieber was caught drag racing in

The speakers were broken, probably because he played too many bangers

Alex Bowen rented a supercar while on holiday in Miami and ended up being given exactly the same Lamborghini Justin Bieber was caught street racing in last year.

The 23-year-old dropout who now works in social media marketing hired the bright yellow $165,000 car while on holiday in America.

But he had no idea he was driving the Lamborghini Gallardo Justin Bieber got arrested in, which can get to speeds of nearly 200mph.

Alex told The Tab: “The man who hired me the car mentioned Justin Bieber had driven it before, but I just thought he meant the same model. I did’t realise it was literally the same one.

“I only worked it out after I looked it up and matched the number plates. It was a very odd but cool experience.”

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Alex and his rented Lamborghini


Justin Bieber with the same supercar. Photo: Instagram

Last year Justin Bieber was caught street racing in the very same Lamborghini Gallardo and was allegedly speeding at 136mph.

The court made the singer take an anger management course and pay $50,000 to charity.

Alex said: “There were no scratches on the car, but one of the speakers was broken so maybe he’d been blasting out some of his tunes cruising down south beach and blown them.

“I wouldn’t call myself a Belieber, but I’m partial to his new album and a few of his old big tunes. Sorry is my favourite.

“The car itself was incredible. In America everybody would stop next to you and get you to rev it up – it was a definite tick off the weird life bucket list.”


This is Alex (not Justin) driving the Lamborghini

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Alex dropped out of uni to start his own social media marketing company and was able to quit his degree at John Moores when the business took off.

He added: “I doubt anyone thought it was Justin Bieber driving the car. I had the roof down majority of the time, so I’m sure any fans were let down to see a British lad with a huge grin on his face.

“I think the top speed is around 200mph, but I got nowhere near that. When you’re driving something as loud as a Lamborghini in bright yellow it’s hard to be subtle.”

Alex has been travelling across America and has stopped at Miami, Chicago and San Francisco. He even rented a Ferrari F430 in Las Vegas too.

He said: “I love super cars – always have done and always will do. When you’re offered an amazing sports car over a Fiat 500, and you’ve worked your backside off it’s difficult to say no. Especially at this age.”

Rental for the specific Lamborghini Justin Bieber drove can cost around £1,200 a day and can require deposits of up to £8,000.

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