Leeds Snowriders are officially the wildest winter sports society

Ice cold

It’s official: Leeds have the wildest snowsports society in the country.

Beating stiff competition from runners-up SKUM in Manchester and Brookes Snow, the champions of Val Thorens Leeds Snowriders won by less than one per cent of the votes.

We asked you to choose the wildest snowsports society in the UK and nearly 4,000 of you voted, selecting Leeds Snowsports as the ones who party hardest.

On the lower end of the table, Edinburgh EUSSC and Northumbria just scraped into the top five, while Southampton SUSSC came last.

Snow riders social secretary Danny “Dragon” was delighted to find out they’d won the prestigious award of wildest society.

Danny told The Tab: “It means a lot to us to be officially recognised as the best and wildest snowsports society. Fuck skum (Manchester snowsports).”

“It’s not a case of can we keep it up, it’s a case of can they keep up with us.”

If you want to join the wildest snowsports society, go to Leeds

If you want to join the wildest snowsports society, go to Leeds

He added: “We’ll be celebrating in style at Rise Festival in France next week. We already bought confetti cannons in preparation.

When asked how they’re going to keep their crown as wildest society, Danny said they have big things coming up.

He added: “Leeds Snowsports teased you with our festival plans and now we’re gonna invite every uni snowsports society up to Leeds in February to show them how to party at our brand new event.

“Our festival down at canal mills is gonna have snow, sponsors, DJs and chaos.”

Snow riders get the loosest

Snow riders officially get the loosest

Describing their maddest moment, a spokesperson for the historically wild society said they once searched for a girl for an hour after believing she had gone missing on the slopes.

They added: “On the way back to our room we heard loud applause and went to investigate. We found her having a threesome with two lads she met at après in the room next door to ours.”

Summing themselves up in three words, they said: “SKUM, GET NAKED!”

Exeter came in 6th place, just ahead of Bristol, Trent, Durham and UCLU.

Not-so-wild Southampton SUSSC came in last place, getting just one per of the votes. They were closely followed by Leeds Met and Warwick.