How many girls are you WhatsApping at the moment?

If it’s below 10 you’re a loser

Drink, dance, chirpse, get a number, send a WhatsApp the next day.

If you’re a guy with an iPhone and WhatsApp, chances are that your routine is what I described above.

We asked some guys in London how many girls they’re WhatsApping at the moment.

Sammy and Andrew, 19

IMG_1197Sammy: I’ve got a girlfriend and we talk on facebook most of the time. I think the max I had was about three, but I’ve converted one of those into a proper, real life thing.

Andrew: Is this about flirting yeah? Probably the max I have on the go at any one time is three. It’s hard to keep up more than that.

Ash, 18


Man, it’s like seven at the moment, seriously. I can’t tell you their names mate, they can’t all know that I’m chirpsing them.

Giuseppi, 24

I actually deleted WhatsApp a few months ago. I don’t like how people can see if you’ve read the message.

I’ll give you some advice for free though: it’s better to speak to girls in person. You get to know them better that way. Online chat hides too much.

Dell, 20


I’ve got a girlfriend so I’m not really allowed to speak to other girls. I wouldn’t use WhatsApp to flirt anyway, those blue ticks really get in the way. I used to chat to bare.

George, 22

I’m talking to two at the moment. Natasha and Sophie. They’re just mates, nothing funny going on.

Derrick, 20

Oh man!

Errmm [gets phone out, starts scrolling], not including family yeah? It’s like ten but realistically they won’t all materialise. And I’m not even that flirty with them, they flirt with me.

Harry, 23


None. I’ve got a girlfriend and she doesn’t actually have WhatsApp so there’s not a lot going on there. It’s pretty dry right now.

Max, 18IMG_1190

Look, I’ll be honest with you even though it’s a bit embarrassing. I don’t have any girls numbers on my phone at the moment. All I’d say in my defence is that it’s better chatting in real life you know?