The top universities for getting a £60,000+ finance job

They don’t teach you how to sell a pen though

Those who go to Oxford or Cambridge are unsurprisingly the most likely to get a top job in finance when they graduate, earning up to £91,000-a-year.

Edinburgh, Bristol and Warwick grads are also have a higher chance than everyone else of making it into a well paid banking career as an analyst or associate.

Figures from finance data company Emolument reveal the top 10 universities for getting a high paid finance job with the biggest bonuses.

The average salary entry including bonuses is £62,000 – but some graduates at the most prestigious firms can bring in a lot more.

Bath and UCL grads are also above the national average, with both uni leavers set to earn £72,000 if they land a finance job.

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The top finance unis

While the amount a banker actually earns depends entirely on the firm and bonuses given, students from certain universities are likely to earn more than others.

A HR worker from a top city bank told The Tab: “We would look at experience before university, but where someone went is still pretty vital.

“If they went to Oxford or Cambridge it definitely helps and they can be put up further in the list for certain jobs.”

Interestingly, all of the top universities were mostly in the Russell Group and have a more academic focus, staying away from vocational and often more practical subjects.

But in the US, Yale grads are likely to earn nearly £130,000 a year including bonuses – which is higher than the average for Oxbridge grads over here.

Alice Leguay from said: “Counterintuitively, the top universities for finance are not necessarily the ones with a reputation for being business-focussed, but historical red brick institutions such as Oxford and Cambridge.

“It seems UK recruiters are less concerned about vocational course content, giving more weight to a university’s reputation and prestige.”