90 per cent of people think face is more important than body

But you’re probs all lying

Most of us would admit that it’s what’s on the outside, not the inside that counts. Especially when it comes to deciding who to chirpse, who to pull, who to shag. 

On the outside the most important things are obviously the body and the face. This week we asked people in London which was more essential when picking a partner: most of them said face beats body.

Amazingly, the results of our own body or face poll backed up those of our street survey, revealing a landslide 91 per cent of you believe that someone’s face is more important than their body.

Over 3,000 votes were cast in our poll, which will make people question whether it’s worth committing so much time to a balanced diet and plenty of exercise (as long as they don’t have a butters face).

Bodies like this don't even matter apparently

Bodies like this don’t even matter apparently

You do have to question whether people were being honest with themselves when they opted for face.

A 2010 study by the University of Texas at Austin revealed that men are only interested in a woman’s body in a short-term relationship.

Scientists found that men will only study a woman’s face if they are looking for a wife, rather than a short-term partner.

Testing showed that men were much more likely to choose someone with a curvy body for a date, while they might opt for a pretty face for a longer-term relationship.

But our poll of both men and women suggests that face trumps body for the vast majority of people.

As Amira told us: “A guy can get away with a lovely face and an ugly body, so long as he has a good personality. That works the other way round as well.”